Blog Ideas: Testimonials

Here is a great use of blogs… start to enter in your client testimonials onto your blog! Be sure to provide enough information to make the testimony appear valid, such as partial name and city, or other such identifying information. Another source you can freely choose to grab is from online website reviews such as yelp or insider pages, freely copy their testimonials onto your own website and simply provide a link back to the source as your validation of the testimonial. Be sure to think about what level of client confidentiality you need to maintain, which is industry specific. Also, it is generally a good idea to include all errors as they appear in the testimonial to retain their genuine feel. However feel free to edit as necessary but clearly indicate where you’ve done that.

Also I will create a specific tag or category in the blog software and use that to feed an RSS reader on my website so it will show the most current (or perhaps select one out of the most recent 3) testimonials to display on the website.