Business Cards

Your business card is the best place to advertise your business and your website. Whenever you hand out your business card, always give at least 3. That way they have one for themselves and two to give away. Even consider giving them cards every time you see them, or visit their offices, or however you transact business with them. Business cards are a very inexpensive, but long lasting form of advertising.

There are a lot of marketing reasons behind the simple business card, but there is one unique thing I’d like to bring up regarding website specifically…

Consider using a different domain name for your business card, something that is still inline with your business, so say you’re, consider or something else for your website listed on your business cards. And the reason is simple, it will permit you to track how much of your clients come from handing out business cards. This can be a deciding factor when you evaluate your marketing costs. I was able to assist a small business to transition from a $24,000 annual marketing budget between online ads and traditional phone book, to $1,000 annual budget between business cards and a basic online ad. This was assisted by strong SEO and website enhancements to bring it to the top spot in Google for the past 3 years. Imagine how much we could charge in consulting costs if we saved them $69,000 in marketing costs over three years? It is also worth noting that we’re exceeding the expectations of their marketing efforts each quarter.