Blog topics

Here is a brief idea starter for some things to blog about:

1) Testimonials – a great place to share what other people are saying about your business or product. I will also copy testimonials received from other sites such as Yelp or YP.Com

2) Case Studies – tell others about your best success stories with other clients. Choose how much information you want to share, such as business name, or perhaps just category.

3) Staff changes – always be talking about your changes in your staff, who has joined, who was promoted, or even celebrating employee anniversaries with the company, birthdays, or anything else exciting going on in their life.

4) Business hours – if you change your business hours, close for holidays, or anything else timely, share it.

5) Products spotlight – share detailed information about one of your specific products, this can either be pure informational/technical, or you can share about the history of a specific item, candid information, or customer stories about the product

6) Staff biographies – be sure to tell and share the stories of your staff. This could be directly or indirectly related to their official roles. People enjoy seeing the human side of the people they work with.

7) Industry news – share what is going on in your industry, from trends, to informative news, legal changes, other peoples successes.




Domain Privacy

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