Inbound Links

Inbound links to your website, those coming from other websites, can help your overall website ranking. In the past, this was weighed heavily, but in recent years, the value has decreased. This is probably one of the biggest areas which has been abused in the last 5 years, with people selling SEO by basically spamming the internet with your website address. Google has cracked down and has all sorts of ways to detect this sort of spam. A sample of that includes:

  • The more outbound links on a page, the less value each link holds
  • Links outside of any content (basically just a directly of links) hold little value
  • Links from comment sections of other blogs which are in unrelated topics (links to your animal website from a automotive website)
  • Paid ads on a website rarely count as inbound links

What you want to do is find a couple of relevant, respected websites to link directly to your website in a value-adding way to real people. Some good examples of this would be:

  • Just about any link from a website with a high google pagerank (2/5 or higher), particularly if it is from a related website.
  • Having a friend write a positive review of your website or service and include a link to your website in the middle of the review.
  • Write papers, articles, white-papers, presentations which can be syndicated and shared on the internet with a backlink to your website. If you create presentations or even PDF which you share on relevant websites, be sure to include your website in the document.
  • Blogging on your own website is great, as well as contributing and commenting on other blogs which are relavant to your own website.
  • Setup a link exchange between affiliated websites (you link to their website and vise verse), but many of the larger exchanges have little value, so setting up your own one-to-one exchange is often more valuable.
  • Be sure to include a “share” link or some other method for readers to easily link to your website from social networking places like Facebook or Twitter.

There is an affinity that Google knows between link partners, and if there is no obvious connections, say a “general contractor” linking to a “wedding planners” website, then the link value is diminished. However affiliated trades, such as a “photography magazine” linking to a “photography studio”, the value is improved. But at the end of the day, think about how creating the best brand for your website, providing value to end users, advertising and connecting with affiliated businesses and their websites, and you should be all set.


About Jason Olson
Jason is a 20+ year veteran of information technology, working from small to large businesses, primarily with non-profit and healthcare clients. He is high certified by the top names in technology including Cisco, Microsoft and Comp/TIA. Based in Redding, California, he loves enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two boys.

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